Dynamically linking projects not working on theme-grid


Two of my projects are connected dynamically, and they are working perfectly; however, after deploying them on theme-grid, they stopped working. Suggestions and support will be highly appreciated.

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@imran3may, I can confirm that even with the grid-theme settings, I was able to connect the parent project with the child project.

I tested these XLSForms:

Parent.xlsx (15.3 KB)

Child.xlsx (12.2 KB)

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Hi @Kal_Lam,

I know that the example form works perfectly. However, practical forms appear with different types of issues regarding dynamic connections. My previous post [Dynamic linking of forms not working!] still remained unresolved. Never mind. I can share my forms in a private message if you are willing to investigate, and I definitely will post the outcome here for the community’s learning purposes.

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Hi, for future refence, i reviewed the form of imran, There was three issue but i believe the solution was, he was missing one grouping name in the instance formula that’s why it was not working. You can find the a part of my message for you to check if you face the similar issue.

There is problem in instance formula regarding to grouping. “instance(‘survey’)/root/data[Module_A3/email =${email_6}]/Please_rate_the_extent_to_which_your_knowledge_has_been_enhanced_by_the_training/Pre-loaded_topic7”.

According to you formula Pre-loaded_topic7 is only grouped by the “Please_rate_the_extent_to_which_your_knowledge_has_been_enhanced_by_the_training” but there is one more parent group which is called “Module_D5” - this is the main problem, which stopping me from getting data from parent form


@osmanburcu, :bowing_man:

Hi Osman,

Thanks for being so prompt and super helpful. The forms are now well-connected, as I tested.

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