Edit Rating Type Question in XLSform

Hi all, I am building a questionnaire and have deployed it with no error. But there needs to be some revisions but I cannot get it redeployed since it has many errors (and I don’t know why because it did not happen in the previous version --which did not have changes at all).

So now I am uploading the revised xlsform, but the problem is, the appearance for Rating Question is now changed to select one type.

Please help.

@wiydiy, have you checked the data collection form? It should be OK there.

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what is data collection form? I am sorry but I am very new to this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Data collection form is the form that you use to input data.

Hi @wiydiy
You may have to rebuild your form on the specific questions. There must have been something you did that messed it up.


Currently I am building a questionnaire for development sector, heavily contained of rating type question (I am building it on Kobotoolbox Formbuilder). But since I need to ‘personalize’ it with my team’s needs, I am generating the xlsform from the system and then re-upload it in the Kobo.

But everytime I upload the xlsform (which I generated from the formbuilder), the text turns out okay (it needs the line breaks, bold-italic font, etc), but the rating type question always changed to ‘select-one’ type.

As I dig in, I need to change the Appearance on the xlsform and fill in the Parameters column, but in my xlsform, there is no Parameters column.

I wonder if I can just simply insert column in my xlsform or I need to do something else.

Please kindly help. Thanks a lot.

Yes, @wiydiy, when you download your survey project as xlsform and then upload them back to the server the format of the question changes but it does not affect how the rating question behaves while collecting data.

Yes, you could do it in the xlsform and then upload them. That should not affect your survey project (which holds the rating questions).

does it matter where the Parameters column is located or does it need to be somewhere exact?

This is my current xlsform header looks like: I wonder if I can just put Parameters column at the very end


*i originally wanted to share image, but I dont know how, I’m sorry

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: