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Hi Kal_Lam @Kal_Lam

I am testing the edit instance URL from the Enketo api against our standalone Enketo instance. It generates well in Postman but when I click through to a browser I get an error popup stating: Loading Error - Error occured during the loading of this form. It is recommended not to edit this record until this is resolved. Please contact undefined with the link to this page and the error message below:

Error trying to parse XML record. Different root nodes

  • Error trying to parse XML record. Different root nodes

Postman screenshot:

Welcome to the community, @dsouchon! Did it show error while editing on the very first attempt?

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Yes immediately on clicking through from the fresh link generated in postman within 1 second.

Looks like this is related to Enketo API - struggling to get edit version of form so xreffing here.

There are quite a few of us trying to manipulate Enketo URLs for various reasons (whether to send submissions back to the enumerator, or to create pdfs, etc.

It’s possible that the Error trying to parse XML record. Different root nodes problem may be to do with form versions - see this very old conversation from a few years back: Enketo edit record loading error

In any case, these more recent threads (not specific to your error) may help figuring out the Edit-via-API / edit link problem you are trying to solve:

Have you already clicked through the KoBo website user interface to ‘edit’ a submission, and inspected the API calls made via your browser, to check what params/headers/data are passed to what endpoint at what point in the process when using the website? Sometimes I find that helps to troubleshoot my chain of API calls - good luck!

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Hello dear,

Did you find a solution for this.