Enketo API - struggling to get edit version of form


We have our own instance of Kobo. We also want to use some of the edit capabilities of Enketo. We have however reached an obstacle and require the community’s assistance in resolving it.

This is the error that we are getting at the moment:

It seems that the problem is related to the below:
required parameter instance is the XML instance with escaped quotation marks to be loaded

Where would we get that parameter?
Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Is there another solution to this issue?

Welcome back to the community, @MalcolmDB! As a cross check would you mind validating your xlsform with this online validator to see if it has any issues?

I am working with @MalcolmDB on this - we are in the same company
All of our forms are experiencing the above issue
I have validated one of our forms using the link you @Kal_Lam provided, thanks

Based on some scant information gleaned in this forum and some google groups
I tried putting the submission data retrieved from kobo api for a single submission as XML
and placing it in the “instance” parameter between the tags. but no joy same error about nodes as reported by @MalcolmDB .

I used this api call to get the submission data: