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Hi all.
I know there is a post referring to tips and tricks to send email notifications using MS Flow. (KoBo - Tips & Tricks (Power BI, email notifications, listing projects etc.))
That option is not feasible for a small organization. Is there any way I can get email notification each time a response is filled out?

Please let me know. Thanks.

HI @eeshatariq

Unfortunately it is not possible to do what you are looking for within the system but you can definitely look at workarounds as you had noticed in the next post


Hi @stephanealoo, so this thread gives a good work around: KoBo - Tips & Tricks (Power BI, email notifications, listing projects etc.)
It works okay with but is not working with for some reason.

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I use a python script that runs automatically on a daily basis as a cron job. It uses the smtplib library to send an email to myself and other stakeholders, and it grabs the data with ODK Briefcase in command line, although I’m sure it would be possible to integrate with REST services.

Here is the source of a version of the script that runs from within stata: I’m sure it can be adapted to work without stata.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks @robinaudy I’ll try this out!