KoBo - Tips & Tricks (Power BI, email notifications, listing projects etc.)

Hi everyone, Here is a collection of useful tips & tricks related to KoBo toolbox. Most of the examples are based on the UNHCR KoBo server, but still applicable on others.


There’s a short tutorial on how to connect Power BI for analyzing data (and working with multiple choice questions/repeating groups), How to enable email notifications (for new submissions) through Microsoft Flow, a form that quickly displays all your active projects, a tool for downloading project images etc.

Will be updated in the future. Cheers and happy holidays!


Thank you for sharing. Very helpful indeed.

Hi Bareta,
Thank you for sharing, very useful!
A little quick question, this link between PowerBI and Kobo only works if the data are public right?
I’m trying to bypass this limit but the only thing i found, working with private data, is to download locally the results from kobo (in excel or other) and use PowerBI to collect that database locally in a datawarehouse. In this situation i can follow results just actualizing my powerBI desktop (previously designed)

Thank you for sharing any tip on this issue of privacy. We are working with sensible data during an electoral period so…

Hope you had good holidays,

Hey Quentin. The data actually does not need to be public in order for this method to work.

You will be using basic authentication through Power Bi, so no need to make the data public.


Thank you for your answer.
The truth is that i tried it to monitor surveys, therefore every hour has new observations. In this case, i cannot just refresh the source of data to update my powerBI desktop.
When the survey ends, i can use this system to get the last data from kobo yes, but not to follow it day by day. I therefore works locally always downloading the data base from kobo in Excel for refreshing my powerBI desktop with an excel data source.

But it’s probable i’m not doing it well so i will try again.

Thank you,


Hola bareta,
Therefore i did try your system and it totally works even with private data! Thank you a lot!
I was previously following this method (very similar so i thought it would be the same):
The previous system i was using was very similar but it doesn’t work with private data… Possibly the way to get the first link in the UNCHR page allow it. With yours it works!

Thank you again anyway!


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Sorry, had a typo in my response above. Just to confirm, the data does not need to be public for analyzing it directly in power bi :slight_smile: As for monitoring surveys, you could look into setting up e-mail notifications whenever there is a new submission (instructions also available on the page above). That way you will at least know when there is something to refresh. All the best, and good luck!

Thank you for sharing this tips :slight_smile:

I’m trying to link KoBo with MS Flow base on the instruction in the link. However, it seems to work only if I have Premium Subscription of MS Flow. Is there any other way I can link KoBo with MS Flow with a free subscription?

Sarayu H.