Empty data in some of the rows

Hi I need help here
We created a survey form and most of the questions are mandatory, only one is non-mandatory.
The data could not be sent out from the form if one of the mandatory questions was not filled out. so it is not possible to send empty data, we tried already.

Currently, we have 76 six data on the raw, submitted by our surveyor but 6 of them its blank, nothing is there except the start, end, version, _id_uuid_submision_time filled out. What happened, was it possible to lose the data during the sending to the server?

Hi @ralfie,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind providing us with the following information (you could provide the information through a private message) so that we are able to dig-in to your issue:

  • Your username
  • Project name
  • Server you are using (OCHA or HHI)
  • What did you collect the data with (i.e. did you use enketo or did you use KoBoCollect android app?)

Have a great day!

Hi @ralfie,

Information Received! Will let you know when we see any issues in it.

Have a great day!

Thank you :+1:

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Hi @ralfie,

A few more required:

  • Device used while collecting data (PC/ tablet):
  • OS of the device:
  • Browser used while collecting data:

Have a great day!

It might be interesting to know:
-,If these data are stored on the device. (Depending on your settings you may even see them as View Send data)

  • If you have used different form versions during the data collection.
    Best regards

Hi @ralfie
I have looked at your data and noticed the following:

  1. Yes there are submissions that look empty
    2…Your form has been amended and deployed 9 times (you are currently on version 9 of the form.

The behavior implies a submission of an empty form from the six records. This could be a pointer to one of your form versions not having the questions as all required, thus allowing the submission of an empty form. There is no way that there could be a deletion of just some of the columns and not all. This is not just plausible.


Hi, Thank you for helping me.
Yes, the form has been amended for 9 times because we were working with questions, etc but the form was used after version 9th redeployed, No data was submitted using the previous version (1st - 8th) by our volunteers.

The blank data were sent by the same volunteers who also sent successfully data before.

What do you recommend, should we create a new form with only one deployment and no amendment allowed?

Thank you for your support

Hi Wroos, We were using the last version of the form. There form was not share with the volunteer before it final. The data was stored on the device browser it will directly send to server if there is internet connection on that area or it will stay in the browser until they reach the office.
is there any specific setting for the browser?

  • Device used while collecting data (PC/ tablet): Samsung A10

  • OS of the device: Android : Version 9

  • Browser used while collecting data: Google Chrome

  • Device used while collecting data (PC/ tablet): Iphone

  • OS of the device: ios 12.4.6

  • Browser used while collecting data: safary

Hi @ralfie,

Could you track down the form who sent the empty response and then provide the users details:

  • Tablet used
  • Browser
  • OS

That would be much helpful.

Have a great day!

In case you would be using KoBoCollect, there is a local App setting option (General Settings > Form management > ): keep or delete case data after sent. After sending, with keep option, the enumerator can still view on her/his device (but no more edit) the case data. (Disadvantage is safety for case data stored on the device.)
I don’t know if this is working even with encryption (I am afraid not.) Probably, @stephanealoo can answer this, please. Also, if there is a similar option with Enketo.
Kind regards

HI @wroos
When I look at the response provided, it seems he used the browser hence Enketo. I don’t think they can be able to see what was submitted from a browser; this will not be locally stored as what happens when using Collect app.

Let me check on something with @Kal_Lam and then we can respond on the same.


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Hi @ralfie,

One more question: could you please let us know if you Manually uploaded the submissions as outlined in the support article here.

There are chances where blank rows should be uploaded despite the fact that the survey has a mandatory required.

Have a great day!


Hi all,

I have the same problem, there are some completly empty rows in my export (although almost all questions are obligatory), except the data automatically filled in by KOBO, like date, version and id.

Would be great to understand why this is happening.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Could you kindly share with us the screenshot of the empty rows. Besides, it would also be helpful for us to know the mode of data collection (viz. KoBoCollect android app or Enketo) you have been practicing (where you faced this issue) and the server (OCHA or HHI) where your data is stored.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks a lot for your reply! :slight_smile:

Hereby a screenshot of only the empty rows:

The columns which have been filled in (K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S) are calculated columns, they are not questions for the interviewee. The columns which are filled in in the one row that does have a response are obligatory questions (E, F, G, H, J, Q).

It has been filled in by the link with Enketo and I’m using the humanitarian response.

Hope this is clear, thanks a lot for helping me.

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Would you mind sharing your dataset (the one that you have shared as a screenshot) in a private message so that we have a closer look at it.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks for answering, I just sent you the dataset in a private message. :slight_smile:
Hopefully you can help me.


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Hello @Kal_Lam, here is the same issue I was having. This is the right thread.

I am also having the same kind of issue. We are still collecting data, but upon monitoring it seems that there are a few submitted forms with no responses to some mandatory questions. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this, but I hope you can help me with this. Thank you!