Error (404) while sending finalized forms

Hi guys hope all is well with you am having a problem sending finalized forms and getting the following errors

Welcome to the community, @LastyJakom! Could you also let us know the data collection tool you are using i.e. Enketo or Collect android app. Besides, please also be informed that the community is not able to view your image. Could you kindly re-share them?

Thanks Kal for your reply and welcome. How do I upload the screenshot on the forum?

You should be able to upload a screenshot as shown in the image shared below:

Am using android App

@LastyJakom, would you mind checking the configuration of your android app (as outlined in the support article) to see it’s configured the right way?

Hi Kal_Lam, I just noticed that my enumerators had put a forward slash (/) at the end of URL instead of Now if they remove and fill another form it is working. The question is how do I send the previous forms filled with the coz still they are not sent.

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Great to know that you finally found out the issue. If you wish to upload your data manually for those stuck submissions, you could do it as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

This is the message I get after trying the bulk submission but I want also try from other enumerators instances

Hi @LastyJakom
The first line of your screenshot points to the issue. There is a possibility that the forms had been submitted previously and as such you are having them as duplicates when you try submitting. Could you please check for each row and determine whether the forms have actually been submitted.


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Hi @stephanealoo
I have checked they have not been submitted before.

HI @LastyJakom
Error 404 normally points out to a potential failed connectivity. Can you try the process again and see if this change ocurs


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