Error deploying survey form: "seed value must be a number or a reference to another field."

I created a questionnaire that keeps showing an error message “seed value must be a number or a reference to another field.” and not being able to preview. I looked into the forum - I unchecked all the “randomize” boxes, still showing the same message.
What should I do? I really appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Please help it is urgent

Hi @mel_rajpusht, welcome to the community.

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

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Also you can check if this forum post solves your problem:


Hello, I face such problem repeatedly. How can I set randomize to true? and is it for all questions or for which question?

Welcome to the community, @genemulu8! You should be able to configure it as outlined by @hakan_cetinkaya. But please also note that this cannot be defined globally (i.e., once for all the questions). You will need to define it manually for all the questions. So I would say the most straightforward approach would be the XLSForm approach.

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