Error deploying to KoBoToolbox: expecting value: line 4 column (char 3)

Hello, could anyone help sort this out? The error
Hsm_Assessment_2021v1.xlsx (16.6 KB)

@nbsserver18, when going through your xlsform, I could see the following issues:

Issue 1:

You have a relevant expression at G17. Maybe it should be in G18.

Issue 2:

Issue 2 comes from a bug with KoBoToolbox, which you should be able to learn more through the GitHub link:

You could temporarily solve this by changing the name model to model1 or anything convenient for you under the survey sheet.

Similarly, under the choices sheet, you will also need to change the list_name model to model1 or anything that is changed under the survey sheet.

Image 2

Fixing these two issues should solve your problem.

Hello Kal_Lam, Thank you so much. You did great. It work guys.

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