Error during survey result validation

Hello! We are currently validating the survey we did few weeks back and for some respondents, an error like this is showing hence we cannot edit the survey answers. We also tried re-uploading the answers but the same error keeps on po
pping out. Please help

@kimberly_abalos, maybe you could validate your XLSForm through this online validator to identify syntax issues present.

we cannot use the online validator sir since we uploaded a cvs file for the respondent profile for this form. Also, we were able to complete the survey but when we are validating the result itself (meaning, we are trying to edit some of the answers), the error is showing like this. But for other respondents this error is not showing.

Can I just duplicate an existing working for and edit the contents? Would it duplicate my index/parent index and submission ID?

Could you search the incidence_display = ‘1’ in your survey sheet. There seems to be a syntax error.

And let us avoid, please, posting the same issue twice to the community, see Java.lang.string error in KOBOCollect App - #5 by kimberly_abalos.

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Hello ! This is noted, I will refrain from posting the same issue twice. As for your suggestion, I will try and check again the script though its a wonder for me how the same script works for other areas. Will update you on this!

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