Error : "image not found" photos are not uploaded to koboaccount from submissions


While doing training to colleagues, they fill a project with ODK Collect on their smartphones with 1 photo and 1 signature, and send the data to a Kobotoolbox account.

For the first time, the photo didn’t upload today to the koboaccount and we received an error message for each photo : “image not found”.

Can someone give us an idea where the problem is coming from or how to fix this ?

Thank beforehand for any help.

Attached is the screen capture.

Hi @calasj_eva,

I too saw the same message (Image not found) under the DATA>Gallary. The error message that i saw is as follows (but luckily i could see my signature under the error message):
However, when i tried to download the data from DATA>Downloads>Download Data>Select Export Type>Media Attachments (ZIP), I was able to see both the photo as well as the signature that I had taken from my KoBoCollect mobile app as well as ODK Collect. The image below might be of help for you.

Hi @Kal_Lam
Absolutely the same for us : Yes , with the zip exports we’ve got the media files.

But, honestly, the problem remain : we can’t see the photos and signatures from the DATA>Gallery.
We try to raise interest to staff with the kobotoolbox platform and the possibility to follow informations & photos directly from the platform (without to have to systematicaly import the media files with a zip).

It was perfectly working so far, and is not displaying them anymore.

We were just wondering why and if there was a way to fix this?

Hi all,

I have been experiencing the same issue on multiple accounts for over a week now. I also raised the issue with the KoBo staff through the built-in chat box, but their responses have yet to show an understanding of the issue.

Hi @gemswbg @calasj_eva

I have come to know that the developers are working to solve the issue.

This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!


Hi everyone, I’m having the same problem. We loaded 104 records while on field but only 55 signatures are loaded. The rest appear as attachment not found. How can we fix this?

Could you countercheck the data collection devices within the media folders if you can see all the signatures within the,?


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