Error: Import Failed!

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Please i need your help… I’ am trying to upload and xls file to KoboToolbox and it gives the following error.

Import Failed!
Name: test 3.xlsx
ValueError: There are duplicates in the name column

The xls file is correct! I never had any problems in uploding xls files. I also downloaded a deployed xls form in order to be sure 100% that the file is correct. The problem started 08.11.2021 in the evening. The same above error is produced with all my forms. Other user have the same problem!

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Leone Ferrari

Welcome to the community,! Maybe you will need to validate your xlsform through this online validator to identify the duplicates within your xlsform.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
when uploading the xlsform in the online validator it produces the following error:
Error: There are more than one survey elements named ‘harvest’ (case-insensitive) in the section named ‘data’.
Here the:

test 3.xlsx (16.5 KB), I could see that the variable name harvest has been used 2 times within the survey sheet.

You can only have the variable name once within the survey sheet. Rename the variable name to harvest1 and harvest2 or provide a similar name and that should solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam, I have the same error when I try to upload a form in kobo. However, in my case I could not detect any duplicate in the name column. Also, the forms that I tried to upload were already imported to Kobo and did not have many changes.

Hi @Kal_Lam,
thanks but it doesn’t solve the problem: I have the same file with no duplicates in the column name in “survey” and “choices”, and I still can’t import the file.
It must be something in the system: how is possible that ALL my xlsforms. that I previously deployed are not working since Monday evening (the forms have duplicates in the column name but this as never been a problem!)?. The same for other colleagues. Thanks a lot!

Dear Kal:

I validated with the online validator and not errors appear, I not have any duplicate column names…
I still have the problem, please help me.

I things these is a problem with kobo because this error appear even if i take a survey previously deployed and download and upload without any change and the errors repeat.

The problem started 09.11.2021. The same above error is produced with all my forms.
I used kobotoolbox for Researchers, Aid Workers& Everyone Else server.

Hi @mservellon,, @ricardonfc a fix has been deployed to address this. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for your support

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Thank you for your support.

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