Error in Dynamic data linking for repeated variables

Hello community members, I have developed a project that is dynamically connected to another project. The project is functioning well, but for the repeated variables I am receiving an error message in Kobocollect. Please help me to resolve the issue.

Welcome to the community, @nahidhasanraju! Please be informed that the dynamic data attachment feature currently does not support the repeat group.

Hi @Kal_Lam

Thank you for your reply. It is not a repeat group issue. Please see the screenshot of the form-

The error appears on Kobocollect when the parent form has more than one entry with the same id. It’s a beneficiary selection form used by multiple partners. Therefore, one individual could be a beneficiary of multiple partners. We are encountering the error for the multiple partner beneficiaries.

@nahidhasanraju, thank you for clarifying the issue. The dynamic data is somewhat like the pull data function, which will only be able to link the information if it finds a unique identifier. Thus having the same multiple identifiers should work as intended for the dynamic data attachment.