Error in saving finalized form (Sorry, form saved failed! bad base-64)

Dear all, I am Phway Phway from Myanmar. Now I am facing with difficulty in saving form and exit (after marked form as finalized). It showed me “Sorry, form save failed! bad base-64”, but it showed saved the file when click the ‘save’ bottom on the top bar. However, there is no file in the “Send Finalized Form”. Please help me. I haven’t ever experienced like that. (I used HUAWEI mobile phone to collect the data).


Hello @phway_2641990,
Did you have a look in previous postings in this forum with the search function? See for example

Could you, please, also provide the server you are using (OCHA or HHI) and which Collect app (KoBo or ODK)?

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@phway_2641990, could you also let us know if you get this error message when you try to save it or when you tried to edit the submission?