Error loading data from Enqueto

J’ai des projet dans profil que lorque je voulais editer avec en enqueto , le systeme m’affiche le message suivant:
“Il y a erreur lors du chargement Enqueto”

Welcome to the community, @pfss! Do you get this error message when trying to edit your submission?

If that is the case, then please be informed that we are trying to investigate and find the root cause of this issue but in the meantime, you could follow the following steps to fix it at your end:

  1. Download the form as XLS
  2. Validate it against the online validator
  3. If any issues are seen, fix it
  4. Import that XLSForm file to the same project (“Replace form”)
  5. Redeploy
  6. Try editing the submissions
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Merci beaucoup le problème est réglé:
j’ai téléchargé le xlsform du projet et je l’ai importé et redéployer: tout va bien . merci


@pfss, :bowing_man: :tada:

@pfss, kindly please be informed that we have a fix for this issue which has now been deployed to the server.