Error loading of Embedded Form

Sir I have a problem when I’m using the embedded code for online encoding on the form here is the error see attached file:kobo error

the media is already uploaded in the media section, but the error still exist…tnx in advance sir hope you can help me this form will be use in profiling for vaccination here in our city…

Welcome to the community @shoyhen! Would you mind providing detail of what exactly you did so that the community could help you out?

EQP Profiling.xlsx (28.9 KB) EQPCodes.csv (409 Bytes)

sir see attached file: xls form and csv file

and also error regarding to duplication…tnx sir

I see some errors in your xlsform. Try validating them with this online validator. It should help you identify your syntax error that is present within your xlsform and solve your issue.