Error message (invalid response) pops up only at the end of the survey


We are using KoBoCollect app to collect the data. We have mandatory questions and some validation rules (with error messages), but the app allows the user to skip/ignore those rules and continue to the next question. Only at the end of the survey, when you tap “Save form and exit”, the error messages pop up. Then, you need to correct the answer and go through all the following questions until the end. This takes time and is super annoying.
If you have made more than one mistake, the error message only pops up for the first question, not the following ones.

I don’t remember having this type of issues before (we’ve tested KoBo on and off for the past 1,5 years).
But it’s great that the error message now stays visible until you tap “ok” and no longer fades away on its own :+1:

@Suvi, you could fix this in the app by following this path:

Settings>Form management>Constraint processing>Constraint processing behavior

Once you enter this path, you should be able to set the validation (as shown in the image below):

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