Error message seen when submitting data to the server

I’ve been having the same error message for the past 18hours and its 22 November, 2021. Are there any scheduled down times or is there a different reason?
Most importantly, would I still be able to upload the data collected or do I need to return to the field???

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @LadyFay! Could you kindly share with the community a screenshot so that the community would be able to understand your issue pictorially? Also please let the community know the server you are using.

Thank you sir. Here’s a screenshot of the error message

Seems like you are seeing this error message when you are trying to submit your data to the server through the Collect android app? Did I get you correctly?

Yes, You are correct.

@LadyFay, are you able to login to your account and see if the project is still active? Check out to see if you have this project Draft of Caregivers and VC Verification Exercise Phase 2 in the deployed list of projects?

FYR, I see the same under the Draft and not under the deployed one:

This could thus have caused this issue.

Yes, the project is active. I am a volunteer with them and I got the app on the 16, had a practice run and was able to submit that.
This particular draft was created on the 12th.

@LadyFay, I see an issue with the project name. It’s Draft of Caregivers and VC Verification Exercise Phase 2 in the screenshot that holds the error message and its Caregivers and VC Verification Exercise Phase 2 while getting the blank form. Maybe you or the admin created this survey Draft of Caregivers and VC Verification Exercise Phase 2 and then, later on, deleted it.

My observation here is that as you don’t have the project (in the server) that is in the Collect app, you are not able to upload the submissions to the server. As a cross-check you should be able to download the project Caregivers and VC Verification Exercise Phase 2 to your android device and then make collections and submit it to the server. There should not be any issue while submitting data for this project as the same is also present in the server.

Thank you sir

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Is there a way to retrieve these information or do I have to go back to the field?

Sorry did not understand your issue clearly.

I have already collected some data using the older version… Is it possible to retrieve that information?

That should be possible but it could be difficult for you to read unless you have the question on your server.

Thank you, I already went back to the locations.
Thanks for all the help

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