Error message seen when trying to deploy a survey form [Unable to deploy - error line 2 column 1 (char 1)]

Hello M. Kal_Lam,

You helped me a lot last time, but unfortunately I got the same problem again. May you help me once again?

It is the same project, its name is : Q4_Participant_2020_07_20_AP
I can’t find the issue. I shared my current excel file.

Thank you very much

Q4_Participant_20200721+GN.xlsx (39.8 KB)

Hi @jricher,

Would you mind checking the total number of begin_group and end_group used in your xlsform. I see the issue there as it does not match. You have a total of 75 begin_group while at the same time you have 77 end_group used. Generally, the total number of begin_group and end_group should match each other.

Try fixing this issue and your problem should be solved.

Have a great day!

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