Error message seen while uploading data to the server from KoBoCollect android app: Generic Exception: Error: (404)

We are trying to upload completed forms using the Kobo Collect app (OCHA humanitarian server). From 6 phones, 3 have uploaded responses correctly, 3 phones have had problems uploading. Some of the forms uploaded on the phones with errors, but then some forms did not upload. They are getting an error notice: “Error: Generic Exception: Error (404)”. I have uploaded 3 screenshots that may be helpful to see the problem.

I have seen on this website that there was one previous report of this same error from a user last year, but it wasn’t clear what the problem was and how they solved it. The troubleshooting page also does not have this error solution.
If anyone can help please make suggestions.
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Would you mind trying out the following configuration with your KoBoCollect android app's General Settings>Server>URL:




Kindly please ensure that the password you have typed in the configuration is correct.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. This was tried (changing the URL) but it did not work.

Not sure if there is any other options?

We are considering re-entering the information into a new form - it may be quicker, although there are a few forms.


Did you ensure that your passwords were fed correctly?