Error message uploading finalized form

HI everyone,

we are trying to upload forms from the tablets (android) we used to collect data but it gives this error:
Error : Generic exeption : Error : Improperly formatted XML
We are using the non-humanitarian server.

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @mealcoopi! Which tool are you using (Enketo or KoBoCollect android app to collect data)?

Kobocollect android app

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@mealcoopi, did you pull the blank forms to your device through KoBoCollect android app or did you have them manually?

Sorry, in my previous message I didn’t thank you for welcoming in the community, all this working behind a computer is disrupting my social skills :wink:
We pulled the blank form through the app.

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Would you mind checking the date and time of your device?

Sure! I’ll ask my colleagues to do so, as I am supporting them in remote

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Great! Maybe you could also share with your team our support article Troubleshooting KoBoCollect Android Application which could be helpful while troubleshooting.

hi! the team in the field has updated date and time of the device, but the error keeps coming out!

@mealcoopi, could you share with me the screenshot of your KoBoCollect android app’s General Settings>Server? Maybe that should be able to tell us more about the settings issues that is affecting the submission.

Yes, sure!
Maenwhile they told me that the error appears only on 17 questionnaires (not all of them, they were able to upload the majority of them) and in more than a device (we used 6 devices to carry out the survey), so it’s difficult for me to understand the pattern…

we are also trying to download them manually following these instructions:

@mealcoopi, is the username and password correct that was configured in the Collect android app? Besides, which version of the KoBoCollect android app are your and your team using? Could you list down if all your device uses the same version?

We checked the username and password, it seems everything is well done on this side. All tablets have the v1.29.3 installed.

@mealcoopi, could you share with us your xlsform for this project? Maybe we could have a look to see if there are any issues there?

Yes sure!
Meanwhile we tried to use the manual upload but it failed

@mealcoopi, have you shared your xlsform? I haven’t received them so far? Would like to see if it’s a design issue that is affecting the uploads.

Annexe 4 - Eléments pour encodage Questionnaire Selection Groupements.xlsx (29.9 KB)

It’s weird 'cause we were able anyway to upload most of the forms, coming from the same project