Error message when trying to send a finilized form to my company's server! What can I do?!

Hi! My name is Israel,
I’m new to this community :relaxed:

I’m trying to send my finilized form to my company’s server but always get an error message Everytime I try, what should I do to fix this (send the finilized form). Or to extract the collected data from my Android phone to my computer??

Please if anyone can help me, thanks for advance. Isra Ne-Yo

Welcome to the community, @israelniyomugenga! Would you mind checking out our support article to see if you have configured the app wrongly:

I checked it out but it is not working

@israelniyomugenga, could you share with us a screenshot of the error message that you see?


@israelniyomugenga, could you let me know if you downloaded the blank form to the app from the KoBoToolbox server or you added the blank form to the app manually (i.e. without linking it to the server)?

I downloaded it from the server, thanks

Could you try downloading a different project, make a dummy entry and then try submitting it back to the server to see if it works?