Error messages seen while submitting collections to the server

Here is screenshot for your reference.

I am using kobo app on android

Could you also share with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server?

Is it publicly seen? I can send it to you only.

Maybe you could send it to me through a private message if you wish to.

Ok, let me do it Thanks

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Pls tell me how i can send it privately. Thanks

Hello Sir, I am waiting for your guidance on sending a private message. The account is owned by a company. So, pls tell me how I can send you this privately. I need your support. Thanks

You could send a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Continuing the discussion from [Error messages seen while

Please open the attached link shared above.

Here you go pls.

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I have received and have changed your post for privacy …

OK, could you also let me know the KoBoCollect android version you are using? This should be helpful for us.

Thank you very much. That is noted.

See the top of this screenshot

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It has this error for every phone. It is not only one phone. All filled forms are on the phone.

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Any response on sumbission so far?

Let me have a look at your account settings.

Any feedback or guidance pls?

@mubarikzaam, i made a quick check and found submission_url under the settings tab:

Could you delete the same (i.e. submission_url) and replace the amended xlsform in your server. Then redeploy them. Doing so you should be able to submit the entries from the Collect android app to your KoBoToolbox server.

Note: For those data stuck in your KoBoCollect android app, you could upload them manually to the KoBoToolbox server as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.