Error Preview parameters must include randomized values

I can not preview my form, the error message is: Parameters mus be include randomized =true to use a seed. But I am not using a seed in any of my questions.

Anyone know what could be wrong?

Hi @debora,

Could you briefly explain how and when did you happened to encounter this error message!


It happened during building a form. However I discovered that if I deleted the all the questions where I had clicked on the seed or randomise button the error disappeared and I could again preview the Form.

If anyone has a good explanation of what the randomise and seed functions are I would like to read it.

Thank you!

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I also faced this problem. I think this error occurs when we increase number in seed box and then deleted the seed number. I solved this problem by downloading xlsform and delete Parameters column of survey sheet and then upload xlsform by using Replace Form.


Hi @zinmin232,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge to the community! We expect the same in the upcoming days too!


Hello Zinmin232 thank you for your post I can solve the same problem without any problem. I was suffering try to fix the error.