Error sending completed form

Colleagues, when we try to send the completed form, this error message appears:
Diagnóstico final manejo verava - Error: Unexpected redirection attempt to a different host:

Welcome to the community, @Paola! Is this an issue with only a single device or is it an issue for other devices too?

Thanks for the return. We did the test on 4 devices and all had this error

@Paola, if this is the case, could you check out the server to see if the project is still there?

Yes, the projects appear in the mobile application, the case was repeated in all the projects that we have in the account. On the computer I did not find the path to the server

@Paola, you will need to check to see if that project exists in the server (NOT IN YOUR DEVICE). This is because, sometimes, if you delete the project from the server, you will not be able to submit the submissions collected for that project to the server.