Error shown as 'ImportName: $Failed...' while deploy


My form has been deployed for serveral versions and they are all worked well. Recently with new update and I redeployed again, the message shown like this ‘ImportName: $Failed…’ :

But I have check my file in website and there are no errors sign:

Do you have any suggestion for what has cause error?

Thank you !

@Jummy, so did you mean you have no issues when uploading the form as a new project but is an issue when you try to replace the existing form in the server?

Hi @Kal_Lam
I have issues with this form both:

  1. replace the existing form and
  2. deploy as new form

And when I validate the form in website, there is no errors shown so I wonder what is the cause of this erros make me can’t deploy the form ? :slight_smile:
This sign of error doesn’t tell anything related to the issues