Error when trying to edit form via Form Builder on Kobo


I have uploaded a form onto Kobo which I edited in Excel. The form has connections to other projects and also an external csv.

When I try to edit the form via form builder on Kobo, it states that the “Row could not be displayed”. This row happens to be the “Select_one_from_file” that refers to the external CSV attached to the form. In addition to that, all the other questions in the form are not displayed to.

Could you help me solve this issue? I have uploaded a screenshot of the error. Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @sushibun! This is a known issue that the KoboToolbox team is currently working on. You are seeing this error message because KoboToolbox formbuilder still does not support the select_one_from_file question type.

We already have this issue open in GitHub. You should be able to follow it here:

All you need to do now is not make edits in the formbuilder when you have this question type in your project. You could make edits through the XLSForm and upload the changes to the project to replace the changes. Doing so should not affect your project.