Release Notes - version 2.024.09

Hello everyone,

We have deployed a new release to both Global and EU servers as of 19:30 UTC on 2 April 2024.
This release consists of:

  • KPI version 2.024.09
  • KoboCAT version 2.024.09
  • Pyxform version 1.9.0, unchanged from the previous release
  • Enketo Express version 6.2.2, unchanged from the previous release .


New Features

PR Description
Transfer project ownership
Allow users to transfer one of their projects to another user.

The feature is accessible through the project sharing settings. Project types includes Deployed, Draft and Archived projects and will also transfer all submissions, media attachments, translations and transcripts. The old owner will maintain access to the project until the permissions are removed.
kpi#4403 New Formbuilder features
1. Option to use an auto-completing dropdown for a select_one question
2. Add select_one_from_file question type to the formbuilder
3. Add select_multiple_from_file question type to the formbuilder
4. Add meta question start-geopoint to the formbuilder sidebar
5. Add ability to set appearance values on groups

Bug Fixes and Improvements

PR Description
kpi#4876 Fix bug where background audio files were not playing in the submission preview.
kpi#4878 Fix Audio Player errors in Data Table being hidden by UI.
kpi#4871 Fix the positioning of the new feature dialog box.
kpi#4852 Remove a duplicate ‘Original File (audio)’ setting that was present when viewing a submission in NLP without a transcript.
kpi#4868 Use label (Cancel) for cancel button in Analysis Question Editor to be less ambigious.
kpi#4866 Ensure that after deleting qualitative analysis questions, the UI is not displaying obsolete cached questions.
kpi#4867 Fix issues with analysis questions reordering not working for a project with multiple audio questions.
kpi#4865 Fix exports button being disabled after selecting zero fields and disabling custom selection
kpi#4858 Make the SSO section in Account Settings visible for users that have linked with an SSO provider that’s been hidden
kpi#4855 Improve labels on buttons to make them more accessible.
kpi#4837 Enables the Data table view is visible at all times assuming user as View submission permissions
kpi#4849 Ensure latest columns are displayed in Data Table after closing NLP processing view

Of Interest to Developers

PR Description
kpi#4848 NLP split tabs components
kpi#4562 Remove raven package, add sentry npm package.
kpi#4880 Update colors pallet used by KoboToolbox.


PR Description
kobocat#921 Remove unused audit logging feature


PR Description
formpack#319 Properly flatten select_multiple_from_file
formpack#318 Properly flatten select_one_from_file
formpack#314 expand select_*_from_file
formpack#313 Allow a default value to be set for max-pixels on questions of type: “image”
formpack#317 Add support for qualitative analysis questions

A new patch release 2.024.09a is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 22:00 UTC on Tuesday, 16 April 2024:

Changes include:

PR Description
kpi#4894 Move hard-coded ASR/MT config to Constance.
Improve configuration of Google automatic transcript and translation services for the benefit of self-hosted instances
kpi#4897 Require authentication to initiate batch job for user detail report
kpi#4909 Fix error This field is required while saving in-app messages in Admin interface
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A new patch release 2.024.09b is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 12:00 UTC on Wednesday, 24 April 2024:

Changes include:

PR Description
kpi#4902 Fix export sorting discrepancy
Historically, exports have shown the latest submissions at the bottom, but there was no explicit sorting set in the database query. Some MongoDB (or MongoDB-compatible) servers return results in the opposite order, causing confusion. This makes the oldest-to-newest sort order explicit and consistent.
kpi#4913 Fix KoboCAT url on in Android instructions
kpi#4915 Fix media files replacement

A new patch release 2.024.09c is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 22:00 UTC on Tuesday, 30 April 2024:

2.024.09c, which “error” failure when attempting automatic transcription (kpi#4923).

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