Error with adjusting the data in the existing forms

Hi Kallam,

Can you help me sort our this error. I am not able to change the data in already submitted form.

Can you please help me. I had edited several questions: text and numerical question as well

The error might be due to one question that I edited. It is a text question. ‘Description of sampling method’

Hi Kal_Lam,

I desperately need your help. I have been editing and submitting the form before. But since two days ago I am getting this error. (pic attached) The questions that I have been editing is text and numerical questions.
Thank you so much!

Warm Regards,

I tried to edit number of questions like full text and numbers

I have been getting this error. Does this mean I can’t change anything in the form?

Hi Osman,

Can you help me as well. I have not been able to change anything in the form. Does that mean I need to reenter the form? I am getting this error on editing and submitting the already submitted form.

hi @elisha_j, Please check the uuid duplication as i suggested in the previous message, if uuid is duplicating you need to delete it and re-enter it. If this is not the case please verify your form by using ODK - XLSForm Online

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How do I verify my form?

or check uuid duplication?

To verify your form : Download your form in xls format and go to ODK - XLSForm Online . Then you will see choose file option and submit your form. If you don’t see any mistake in red your form is fine.

To check uuid duplication: easiest way is to download your data, and make sure you have the “_uuid” column in the downloaded excel file. Check the uuid column to find the duplicating uuid codes.

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Dear Osman,

I uploaded my form in the link you provided. I didn’t have anything in red. I checked for double uuid as well. Could not find any double uuid. I feel so helpless now. I can’t change any data that I have submitted.
Can you help me please!

Unfortunately, without accessing the data i try my best, Your problem is just different than the initial discussion because you get HTTP 400 error. I can’t help more without accessing the data and forms.

Hi Osman,

I can share with you the username and password of my project details if you could look at it

If you fine with it, please drop it to me as a private message and let me check. And also please provide me an example form id or something to test

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@osmanburcu, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Thank you Osman. I have sent you a private message.

Dear @elisha_j,

I checked your form and try to edit the code “1007”, i did not see any problem by editing. If you check the “Any additional comments” question, i edited it as “test”. So please let me know if i am doing something wrong. I also tested the other code you shared, it is editable as well

I could not submit after editing the ‘Detail in sampling design’.