Errors on project home page - URL not found and others


I’m unable to view or access my Kobo projects. When I login, the page either doesn’t load (and I get a URL/myusername not found message) or it loads partly and I see error messages “failed to load environment data”, “failed to get in app messages” , or “failed to get permissions configs”. This is the first time this has happened. Is anyone else having issues?

Having the same issue

i am also having the same issue.This has never happened before.Or is kobo shutting down?

Hi @dlorahj1, @MaddTitan, @olops2002

Welcome to the community! Are you still facing the issue? If yes, could you provide us the screenshot of the page you are seeing. In addition, could you also provide us your user name and the server you are using so that we could try it from our end.


The issue seems to have passed.

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Thanks @MaddTitan, for updating!


All good now, thank you!

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Thanks @dlorahj1, for updating!



The issue is not fixed.I guessthe team was working on it as of then

thanks for the follow up

Hi @olops2002,

Could you provide us your KoBoToolbox user name and email ID in a private message. Would like to try it out from our end.


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Hi there, I can’t log-in anymore to my accounts (janfroelich and makeitmeteam). It says too many redirects. I deleted all the cookies. Still no success…

Hi @janfroelich,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind logging in to your KoBoToolbox user account? You should be able to login now!


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