Problem while logging KoBoToolbox humanitarian server

getting an issue with failed to load environment data…

Same problem here. Does anyone know a way to still download submitted forms (its data in Excel form)?

Dear All,

since 2 days am facing a issue with loading project to analyse collected data.
Does any one else facing the same issue? what would be the solution?
am using the kobo-humanitarian response plateforme. (

thanks for sharing tips to solve the issue.

Good day

We have several problem on the system now.

clearly there is something terribly wrong…Kobo should come out and be clear on this…and if the data collected is safe and not lost

Please I’m unable to access my koboprojects. When I login, the page either doesn’t load or it loads partly with error messages “failed to load environment data”, “failed to get in app messages”, or “failed to get permissions configs”. This is the first time to me, to get such issues. Please HELP

Dear All,

Do you have experience in logging in your KOBO account? I can’t log into my kobo account the whole day today. Can anyone help me in this please?


Here I found another message is that


Hello, I’m having problems loading a form from xls, it says It did not load, and then I get a new project, but I can’t implement it
This is the message I get first thing I open my projects page, I don’t know if it has something to do with it, or what’s happening with the plataform.

Hi Analucia, I am having this same issue… See this link, I don’t know how we can contact someone to help out… Problem on loging 3 Projects on Kobo humanitarian server "Failed to load environment data"


Even we are facing similar issues.

Additionally the errors read -
Failed to load environment data
Failed to list assets.

Attached is a screenshot.

Please let us know once it’s fixed.

Thanks in advance.

Hi the same problem here. Is there any updates?

Hi, I am facing same problem such as “Failed to load environment data, Failed to get permissions config! and failed to list assets”
My username is - nyuntmgmo
The server shows that not found " The requested URL /nyuntmgmo/ was not found on this server." like this.
I had 4 current running project in my account and 1 is recent draft for the outcome monitoring survey.
Please help and update to be able to access my account.

With best,
Thank you

Not Found

The requested URL /username/ was not found on this server.

the same issue

I am facing the same problem since yesterday.

Any updates when the developer team will resolve the issue?

I have the exact same problems since yesterday evening. I need to be able to access the data as soon as possible, we are in the middle of our data collection. Please let us know when these issues will be fixed.


facing the same issue

Hi @ugpmsguinee, @simonfuchs, @Okard, @Haseeb, @emreozkan90, @sms_greece, @karenmcdonnellca, @aleksandar, @phonemyintkyaw, @gigauser, @EMPHNET, @MaddTitan, @mskaraca, @mariecharlotta, @morriz, @gigauser, @afiston1, @msodjinou, @kazitala7, @hanlinaung, @analucia_espinoza, @simonfuchs, @shb, @mcaglidil, @nyuntmgmo, @phonemyintkyaw, @MaikeW, @tanzaniadatas,

Thank you for reporting the issue & apologies for the inconvenience caused! Kindly please be informed that the issue has been resolved (and hence you should now be able to access your OCHA KoBoToolbox account smoothly as before). Please feel free to flag us if the issue still persists!



Thank you very much, the platform is working as before!

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@Kal_Lam, thank you for the info.
i am now getting the following message : “Failed to get permissions config!”

thank you for your support.