Excel Analyser - no questions appear in analysis sheets

I’ve went through all the other Excel Analyser topics and tutorials, including the video series, but nothing is working.
I’ve corrected the “list name” issue, converted data types to numbers, but when I go to any analysis sheet, I still get an empty list of questions.
Any suggestions?

Would you mind having a look at the video tutorials of the xlsanalyzer (it should solve your issue):

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this didn’t help. as I’ve said, I’ve already watched these videos.
I’ve noticed something btw, does it make a difference whether I download the analyzer from the questionnaire itself or separately from https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/ then paste the data in it?

Have you tried making a small change by changing the list_name to list name in the choices tab of your xlsanalyzer sheet?

yes, I have.

Could you share your xlsanalyzer through a private message (if you feel it should be treated confidentially else you could also share it here) so that we could have a closer look at it.

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