Export data to Google Sheet using Kobotoolbox API - JSON

I am exporting data from a survey in Kobotoolbox to a google sheet.
I am using an add on called “Coupler.io” to collect the data.
It works really good.

BUT - when collecting the data the resulting sheet is repeating some of the rows from Kobotoolbox.
It seems that questions with the type “select many” is repeated once for each answer. In my survey on the Kobotoolbox server there are 21 suveys - but the expands to 67 rows in google sheet.

Is there a parameter to specify that answers from “select many” questions are returned in a single cell in the sheet?

My workaround is to specify each field to import, but this is a lot of work and may cause errors in the long rung.

Your help is much appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @steen_andersen! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:


I am using a Google Sheet add on called Coupler.io

@steen_andersen, maybe you could join the conversation on the post I shared with you.