Export Failed (Err no 28: No space left on device)

We cannot export the data anymore with the following error.
I have found a post here but it doesn’t mention the solution’s details.

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who would kindly suggest a fix.

Our service was generally overwhelmed, and one of the servers processing exports ran out of disk space. The problem was not with your account or project specifically. All should be working now, and thank you for your patience.

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@jnm thanks so much. It’s back to normal now. Cheers

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@jnm, just wanted to report that I’ve seen the same problem today.

For what it’s worth, this happened with form ID aJdxFi2psiruqf5sBpMKzf, and the error is

Thanks for mentioning it. There are several servers running these exports, and sometimes they do run out of disk space¹. Usually, trying again will send the job to another server that’s still healthy, and the afflicted server will get cleaned up. If you see this message persistently, though, please don’t hesitate to report it!

¹ In case anyone is interested in the details: this seems to happen when many very large exports are attempted and those exports fail. The failures cause temporary files to be left behind. These files are eventually purged by a periodic task, but sometimes the task is not fast enough. We cannot clean up faster than the maximum allowed time that any export is allotted for completion. Once an export completes, it’s saved to a cloud storage provider with “unlimited” storage. Perhaps, in the future, an Excel-exporting library will have a memory- and disk-space-efficient mechanism to stream exported content directly to cloud storage. For now, we have to negotiate a tradeoff between memory and disk space efficiency.

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