Extracting downloaded media files from sub-folders and creating dynamic link to the media files


hereby I come to seek help from the community. My problem is this: I downloaded my data survey data (in xls format) on kobotoolbox.org including the photos related to my survey (media file (Zip) .xls file already exists in my xls file. name of the image files I would like to create a dynamic link between my xls file and the photos I downloaded, first of all I want to do the exercise on my xls file before moving to an MS database where I have to create If I can do it between the xls file and the photos, for access it will not be a problem My difficulty lies in the fact that I uncompress the folder of images, I find myself between a sub -folder for each image, while 450 images,
Thank you for helping me.


Generally the quickest solution would be to extract all the images within their subfolders onto a parent folder directly which is not a supported future. However if you search for ways of doing it you can see them an example is here and here

Once you do that I am sure you can create the dynamic link to folders in excel which you can find in search results such as this one


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Thank you very much for your solution which actually solves problem.

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