Failed to execute transaction on IDBdatabase the database connection is closing

Hey there, we want to submitt data fro the form , but we are facining this error “Failed to execute transaction on IDBdatabase the database connection is closing” can you support me please.

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@adminpro, could you also let us know which tool (i.e. Collect android app or Enketo) you are using at the moment to collect data?

I received this same message yesterday (“Failed to execute transaction on IDBdatabase: The database connection is closing.”) I was using the Chrome browser, website on my Google Pixel phone. I was unable to Submit my data and lost all the data and photos I had taken.

Additional question, once you save as draft, then reopen the draft but don’t modify it or save it a second time, is it no longer saved as a draft?

@krisknut, the community would also have benefitted with a screenshot. Could you share a screenshot of the issue, please?

Besides, would you also mind trying it on a different device (and browser) to see if you should be able to replicate the issue?

This is a duplicate of Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing and appears to be a bad state that Enketo can get in, possibly related to Internet connectivity.

Thanks for sharing your device details, @krisknut. For anyone else who runs into it, it would be good to know:

  • device, browser versions
  • offlineable form?
  • was your Internet connection particularly unstable or off before it happened?
  • does refreshing get things working again?
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