Failed to update permissions for selected usernames

Hi community. Why is it that when I try to share my project with certain usernames, it says “Failed to update permissions”? The issue is not consistent though, as sharing permission is allowed to other usernames. I have encountered this for multiple projects already

Hi @hm11,

Can you check if the usernames that say “Failed to update permissions” are in the same server as the project?

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Yes @hakan_cetinkaya . All usernames are using the same server. Also, in terms of consistency, there were also scenarios wherein these same usernames (with failed permission updating) were allowed for some projects in some attempts

Hi @hm11,

There’s this solution if you want to try:

And there’s this post, you are also part of it:

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hi @hakan_cetinkaya , have already tried the solutions / suggestions from these post but unfortunately, did not work

@hm11, could you also let us know the total number of users you wish to share for your project?

hi @Kal_Lam , it is at least 40 users per project

40 users should not be an issue when sharing projects. Are you sure it’s exactly 40 users?

hi @Kal_Lam , it depends on the project. could you kindly assist again in setting up a private message so I can message you the project details? thank you

@hm11, please be informed that this was an issue at our end, which has now been resolved. The sharing permissions should now work smoothly. Thank you once again for bringing this issue to our attention!

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