Failure to retrive data from the server

Hello, iam having problems with one of my projects. The data exported and the data on the table on the server is different. When i click on the forms i can see the data but when exported it retains wrong answers. How do i solve this.

Sometimes due to issues/update in the server, it will be. You may refress and can do redownload it.

Welcome to the community, @Noma! Could you share with the community a screenshot of the same so that we could understand your issue pictorially and troubleshoot? We would also appreciate to have a screenshot of the data that you download and the one that is seen in the table view (which you say is different). Also please mark (highlight) what is different in the screenshots.

The form was giving me errors during collection and i thought redeploying it will solve the problem. It was answered from different browsers using offline mode. Its possible when the drafts were sent some answers changed. When on the server the information is different and when on excel its different. It gives every respondent a similar answer. Kindly assist i need this data ASAP

Every respondent cannot have a similar gender and education level changes when the form is being downloaded on excel sheet. When i look at the forms using that eye next to the pen. I see different answers compared to those on the table and on excel format offline. I have tried to edit the forms on the server but it refuses to work.

What are the variables that we should check out in the screenshots?

Gender, age, and occupation.The whole survey got mixed up. Responses changed. The second survey its the same story. I don’t know what to do. The researchers what their data.

The information on education, gender, age, marital status, marriage type is different. And doesn’t make sense. There were educated people among the respondents. All of them aren’t male. There were females also. Its the trend throughout the survey.

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@Noma, could you also share with me the _id for these cases (maybe 2 to 3 cases should be enough to verify)?

Okay noted i will do so

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@Noma, sorry. _id is the number that should be similar to 354295068. Could you share the same with me again?


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@Noma, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Good morning
I don’t understand how to send a private message. Please resend a message explaining.

@Noma, just sent you. Please check!

@Noma, I verified your account, and it’s project and could also see this at my end:

I assume this happened when you tried to edit your submissions? Did you try making bulk edits? Generally, this occurs when you accidentally misuse the bulk edit feature. Could you kindly confirm please?

No i didn’t edit. I deleted blank submissions on the server.

@Noma, does anyone other than you also have the login credentials for your account and the project?

The team and other data collectors. Why