File type Question does not seems to work with KoboCollect

i see it is a bug posted here. The actual behavior only give text type field which does not provided access to our phone storage, so i can only ask the officers in the field to provide links or send them via email since there are 2 question that need us to collect the files from more than 30 places every month, so its a bit troublesome. Does anyone have any advice regarding workaround for this problem?
or should we do this with web form only? Thank you in advance.

This issue seems to only affect the KoBoCollect application. However if you use the ODK collect application then you should be able to still do this. You can use the ODK Collect linked to your KoBoCollect account just the same way you would have linked KoBoCollect application


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thank you very much, i should have try it earlier… :grin:

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