Filter answer options based on previous question selection

Estoy buscando construir un formulario en el que las opciones de respuesta de una pregunta salgan según una opción seleccionada anteriormente. He visto esto en formularios de ciudades de países, por ejemplo, que solo salen las ciudades del país que antes se selecciono y hasta dónde sé es con choise_filter, pero no logro realizar ¿Saben de alguna guía? Gracias!

Welcome to the community, @Andrea! You could do it as outlined in the support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. As a workaround, you could also have a look at our post discussed previously:

Thank you. Do you know if this works with multiple choice?

Could you explain more on this?

If in the first question the users can choose two or more answers options, then in the second question the options will related with the both previous select.

For example:

  1. Select the products received (one or more)

(Suppose was selected milk and eggs)

  1. All products was in good condition

(Suppose answer is “no”)

  1. Which product was in bad condition (one or more)

(Cookies and meat not shown because wasn’t selected in the first)

I used your example very well for te citys (thanks!), but then, for the other type didn’t work.

OK, you could use this approach to design your survey project: