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hi can anyone help me with the follow up question validation; im trying to add a follow up question after a select multiple question it worked only on one question but on the remaining questions its not working. it only worked on the yellow colored group the remaining questions it does not work
Improve management Practices.xlsx (23.0 KB)

Hi @ahmadww and welcome to the community!

It gave me an error of note in row 6, doesn’t have a label, so I removed the note in row 6. It worked for me.

Can you verify?

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The survey is working, but the follow up question in row 36,41, and 51 is not working. the question should appear when the respondents choose “Other”

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It seems like problem happens because of the group name and the question names are same in marketing, erp and exportandsales. If you remove the group name, or change the group names to something unique (maybe group_erp). The other questions work as intented.

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It works Hakan, thank you :slight_smile:


Hint: Using the Online validator during form development will help to avoid such problems.

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