Form builder view in a second language


I have a project that I have set up using a template that was designed in English (default language) with translations in Spanish. I would like to share the project to the account of a collaborator who only speaks Spanish who will help design part of the questionnaire. They can preview the questionnaire in Spanish, but is there a way that they can also view the form builder in Spanish so that they can also edit the form?


@sdalle, maybe changing the language of the browser should solve the issue. This should be more easy if you are using Chrome.

Changing the language of the browser only changes the interface to Spanish, but not the content: i.e., ideally I would like to see the questions/response options etc. in Spanish. Is there a way I can switch the default languages so that Spanish is the default instead of English?

Have you searched through the forum and our support article on this?

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Hi Stephane,
Thanks for sharing this previous post. But my question is not about the language of the form for data collection. I was hoping that I could also view the survey in Spanish when I am DESIGNING it in the form builder. Right now all the questions are in English (my default language) and the spanish translations we have entered are included as hints under the settngs (see screenshot). This makes it a difficult for a Spanish-speaking colleague to work with me in the further design and customization of the form. They see the preview in Spanish but it is hard for them to find their way in the form builder. I had thought that once I entered the Spanish translations then I could switch between the two languages in the form builder. But this seems not to be the case, and probably we should have just made a spanish form rather than using the translation function. But I had the main template in English to start…

@sdalle, you could always manage your translations as outlined in the support article Adding Another Language to your XLSForm and Adding Another Language in the Project Dashboard if you wish to have more than 1 language in your survey project.

Hi Kal,
I had already added the other language to the project. BUT now reviewing the guidance you sent, in the additional tips it explains how to change the default language. That is what I needed, and I had missed that before. So problem solved!

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