Set the URL for a form in a certain language

I have a survey for in english (default) and it has been translated into a number of langauges.

Is there a way of creating a url to go to each of langauges directly without someone having to us the dropdown.

In some cases I know what langauge the survey will be answered in and would like them do not use the dropdown and I would like to keep the survey in the default language.

Hi @masims,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same as outlined below:

Suppose you wish to provide a default survey link that supports German language:

  1. In the survey tab of your xlsform:
  2. Deploy the survey project.
  3. Get the URL as you would normally get.
  4. Suppose i got a URL after deploying my survey project
  5. In the end of the URL add ?lang=de which becomes
  6. You should see your data entry screen in Enketo as:

Note: The ?lang=... determines the language of your survey form you wish to have while entering with Enketo. Just add the 2 letter code (en for English; hi for Hindi, ar for Arabic; cs for Czech; de for German; el for Greek; es for Spanish; fa for Persian; fi for Finnish; fr for French; it for Italian; lo for Lao; nl for Dutch; nb for Norwegian; pl for Polish; pt for Portuguese; ro for Romanian; ru for Russian; sk for Slovak; sq for Albanian; sv for Swedish; sw for Swahili; vi for Vietnamese and zh for Chinese) that you used while coding the language in your xlsform (survey tab).

Reference xlsform:
Language Test.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Additional; If you do not specify the ?lang=... at the end of the survey link, you will be directed to the language that the browser supports by default.

Have a great day!


Thanks. That worked perfectly. I knew it was something simple like that.