Form deployed but I cannot change data collection method from online-offline (multiple submissions) to online-only (single submission)

I have a form that is deployed but I want to change the method of data collection from ‘online/offline multiple submissions’ to ‘online only submissions’, it order to share the correct link with survey respondents.

However, when I try to click this option nothing happens, it remains as ‘online/offline multiple submissions’.

Any advice much appreciated

Hi @Hannah,

Welcome back to the community! If you wish to change the project submission mode from online-offline (multiple submissions) to online-only (single submission) simply change it and click the COPY or OPEN to share the link to the respondents/enumerators who are supposed to fill up the form.


Hello @Kal_Lam,

I too had this same issue as posted above. My team and I are using Enketo survey format and have deployed our survey. I tried to change the ‘Collect Data’ method to ‘Online-Only (multiple submissions)’ from 'Online-Offline" permanently. We are doing this because every time people go to take the survey (as a practice), it says “New change are made. Refresh Page.” I saw that changing the survey to ‘Online-only’ would help with this problem, but can’t seem to make this change permanent.

Any guidance is much appreciated!


Is there a way to permanently change this?

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Welcome to the community, @erinfried6! Kindly please be informed that collecting data through Online-Only (multiple submissions) and Online-Offline are two different approaches which you should be able to find more through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

As you say, you see New changes are made. Refresh Page. when collecting data through Online-Only (multiple submissions). There is nothing to worry about. This is just a check made by the system to ensure that you are using the latest deployed version. Moreover, it’s a normal behaviour how Enketo behaves on this.

Hello @Kal_Lam,
Thank you for responding to my questions and so promptly! Much appreciated.

Just to clarify, if we are printing our survey link on posters and having participants self-administer the survey, they would have to refresh the page once they open the link. Is that correct?

Thank you again,

Yes. You got that correct. But if it’s a one-time survey where the respondents have to fill a single form I would opt with the Online-Only (single submission) or Online-only (once per respondent).

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Okay, got it. Thank you!

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