Form flow blocked if last repeat deleted (Preview/Enketo, with style = pages)


Preview/Enketo with form style = pages, Single questions, (No grouping and field-list)
Form flow totally blocked if last repeat gets deleted.
It works well in KoBoCollect (and without pages mode in Preview).

Steps to Reproduce

See XLSForm example attached
NoRepeatBlocks.xlsx (10.5 KB)
1… Enter repeat group
2. Delete the only (last) repeat

3. Try to move on (or back)

Expected behavior

User should be able to move on, for example to get an error message that at least one repeat case is needed. As it is the case when style != pages. or with KoBoCollect.
There are cases in surveys, where 0 repeats are even desired.

Actual behavior

System blocks totally for back and next. Only Return to Beginning and Go to End are possible. From the End you can move back and see the blocked items.

Additional details

Preview/Enketo on OCHA server, with attached XLSForm imported
There might be a problem with the screen update, as it gets mixed up, when you Return to Beginning and then move with Next,
The repeat widget is still on the screen! (We are in pages style!)

  1. After deleting repeat and Return to Beginning.
  2. After NEXT then

    The repeat widget will accompany us until the end even.

    Kind regards & Happy New Year