Form style selection not sticking

Im trying to change the form style on a new form to one of the grid styles and i switch it… save changes but when it somehow reverts to the default - single page every time. I’ve used the grid in other forms without issue.

@tabas, you need not worry about this. This is how the setting works. All you need to do is check the web form in Enketo to see if the setting is applied to your form. The desired settings should be applied there already.

In addition, you could also check this by downloading your XLSForm and checking the Settings tab to see whether the setting is applied there.

thanks for the reply. I didn’t manage to get it working in the form when selected. But gave up and used another line of questions.
Also some other weird problems starting in some old forms where no changes have been made. I’ll PM you with the forms and details if you could help out?

@tabas, could you share a screenshot of what you are trying to refer to? Maybe the screenshots should be able to explain your issue pictorially.

Thanks @Kal_Lam
I did PM you … not sure if you had time to check. Anyway, I will start a different thread as the issue is different to this one.

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