Form Submission Error 404

I have a form on Kobo which I edit information as a way of updating the record.
But starting yesterday (21.03.2022) whenever I edit and hit the submit button it retains an error message below;


Please assist.

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Welcome to the community, @GodfreyZ! So you mean you have some records on the server. You wish to make edits to the same. You make edits to the record, and then when you try to submit the edited records back to the server, you see this error message. Did I get you correctly?

Thank you and yes! that is exactly what is happening Kal.
and it has affected the flow of our data capturing exercise.

@GodfreyZ, could you also let us know the server you are using (having this issue)? That should help us with investigating your case.

Hi Kal,

It’s the Humanitarian OCHA Server.

That’s the one we currently using.

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@GodfreyZ, would you mind following the workaround discussed in our other post? Maybe that should solve your issue: