Form submission impossible, data to heavy; form lost (message code 413)

Hi everyone,

I am contacting you following a problem with Enketo. :crazy_face:

:dart:Problem: 9 pictures uploaded seems to be to heavy for allowing the submission of the form. It means 44,4MO. The message code is 413.

We are uploading 9 pictures on the form.
While submitting the form, the data are not sent to Kobotoolbox. They are saved in “signal bar” but not available any more.
It is impossible for us to access the data, transmit the data.
The only function possible is to export. The export is under a zip format.

The data seems to be to heavy. The message code is 413.


Details : we have a selfhosted Kobo

:face_with_monocle:My questions are the following :

  • On the usual server (non-humanitarian help) is there any limitation of media size that are upload on enketo for a submission?

  • What is the maximal size of file upload on enketo?

  • How to retrieve those data into Kobotoolbox?*
    Clue : I tried to upload them as zipfile/xml file. The server indicates that is too heavy. Secondly I tried while just keeping the xml within the zip. It tolds me it is not working

Thanks in advance

@lisa_vdh, yes, the 413 status code indicates that the request was larger than the server can handle. What was the total file size (with nine pictures) you tried to upload (as a single submission)?

@Kal_Lam , the size was around 44,4Mo.
I tried in the non-huminitarian server. I add no problems.
On our self-hosted kobotoolbox, we have these limitation.
Do you have an idea, which parameters we should update to increase the volume we can upload?

Thanks and regards for your answer!

@lisa_vdh, maybe this post discussed previously should be helpful:

Thank you @Kal_Lam , I would have a look at it !

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