Formbuilder: Wrong translation in French language


there is an error in french translation when creating validation criteria for numbers (decimal). please see picture

Steps to Reproduce

  1. change kobo language to french.
  2. create a new survey
  3. try to add a question where the option should be a number
  4. add “critère de validation”
  5. see picture of the translation error. this is English

(other from that, I love Kobo, thanks to all developers! <3)

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Welcome back to the community, @titeuf_community! Do you get the issue with English language too?

hi, thanks for you answer. no in English everything is in English and not one part in French and the other in English…

It is actually the case for quite many other French translation parts, Anyone knows if there is any Github code where I could suggest changes?


Kobo translations are made in Transifex, you can get more information in here: